Citrix SDWAN - DHCP Bug - Fixed


In the latest build of SDWAN there is currently a big relating to the configuration editor UI. When setting up a site, make sure you hit the Audit button before placing any config.

When delivering DHCP on a client SDWAN appliance if these below steps are not followed the DHCP server will not start but will look configured in the UI.

I have worked with Citrix to locate this bug and the details for working around the issue are below.

This error is found in 10.0.1. If a new site is created and the DHCP server is configured before “Audit Now” is clicked.

A fix that addresses is targetted for the 10.0.2 version.

You can work around this issue by clicking “Audit Now” before configuring the DHCP server.

Update 30.11.18:

This issue is now resolved:


Issue ID 709403: In NetScaler SD-WAN release 10.0 version 1, the DHCP server cannot allocate IP address in the configured subnet, if a new site is created and the DHCP server is configured before the Audit Now button is clicked.

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