Cleaning up unlinked Group Policy objects in Active Directory with Powershell


Just a quick script below to run through all unlinked GPO’s in a domain, back them up, export a report and then remove them.

Sweet and short but useful. (# Comment the remove line if you don’t want to remove any)

[cc lang=“Powershell”] Import-Module GroupPolicy

if (-Not(Test-Path -Path $backupPath)) {
 mkdir $backupPath

Get-GPO -All Sort-Object displayname Where-Object { If ( $_ Get-GPOReport -ReportType XML Select-String -NotMatch “” )
 $backupReportPath = $backupPath + “\” + $_.DisplayName + “.html”
 Backup-GPO -Name $_.DisplayName -Path $backupPath
 Get-GPOReport -Name $_.DisplayName -ReportType Html -Path $backupReportPath
 $_.DisplayName Out-File $backupPath + “UnLinked_GPO_List.txt” -Append
 $_.Displayname remove-gpo -Confirm
} [/cc]

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